Przemek Krupski Sklep Miejsce, Bar Miejsce, Kraków, Poland
Product Design, sale of Polish industrial design from the 1950s – 1970s

Nine years ago, Bartek and Przemek found out that Polish industrial design from the ’60s and ’70s was of the highest calibre. They say that their store, Miejsce Sklep, is engaged with the creative revival of Polish design from this period. They both belong to the first generation which didn’t manage to take advantage of the transition to a market economy and subsequent capitalist boom which took place in Poland in the early 1990s, having to make up their own professions, unlike their counterparts five years their senior who managed to get their careers going in the large corporations setting up shop at the time.
The beginnings were tough. After completing their studies they worked in bars in Kraków and planned to open an antique shop.Their passion for design and an acute observation of trends highlighted in Western home décor magazines led them to believe that the 1960s marked the most interesting period. Their step-by-step strategy first managed to get clients with furniture in an “Almodovarian” style, upholstered with peacock eyes in unusual colours. They quickly found out that their niche was the sale of well-designed Polish furniture, not the sale of their Danish or German counterparts. In order to free themselves of irregular customer orders, they opened a bar and decked it out with their fittings, in doing so promoting their services. They then caught the attention of the “young creatives from Warsaw ad agencies with unconventional aesthetic tastes”. The success in building their brand is owed to a flair for marketing and perseverance.