Homegrown Reportage is an interview platform focusing on entrepreneurship, creative work, design, perseverance, and our motivation to do things which lead to success. The concept was established by Magdalena Beauchamp and is developed together with John Beauchamp. Our journey began in Brussels where the initial idea was born, and now we are based in Warsaw.

We capture Polish people in their creative business endeavours to make ideas come to life. We meet them in their homes and discover the more human-centred aspects of their lives, only to make the link and better introduce their professional environments. Through the medium of interviews, photo reportage, audio and video recordings, we want to gather the know-how on the most outstanding creative business ideas as well as the most efficient strategies employed to achieve this. We want to understand the daily work rituals of the people we meet.

We are intrigued by the creative scene which has been growing in Poland over the past decade, by engaging personalities of the new generation, their diverse experiences, and the Central European culture which nurtures their ideas. In our interviews we highlight the numbers, expose the risks and crunch the data, as we want to make the business experience as tangible as possible for those urging to feel it for real.

If you’re interested in our approach, want to find out more about our work or collaborate with us, please get in touch!


E: mada@homegrownreportage.com
T: +48 504 818 484